Retreat to Retrace

Date: 27, 28 July 2019    Venue: Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations – Tanjore and Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu





With the abundant Blessings of Bhagawan, 82 members comprising of primarily Balvikas Alumni and their family participated in a two-day retreat at Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal to retrace their connections with Bhagawan and His Mission.

The proceedings for the day began with Flag Hoisting followed by Veda and Bhajans by Balvikas Alumni. Then, the State Spiritual Coordinator, Tamil Nadu, highlighted the sanctity of the place where the retreat was being held. He shared with the audience, the divine lessons learnt at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet on different occasions and urged everyone to unpack and put into use the ultimate gift bestowed on us, His Teachings. In another session, later during the day, he threw light on the need to be actively involved in the activities undertaken by the Organisation.

A skit showcasing the need for Balvikas was also enacted by Balvikas Alumni. One of the Alumni did a presentation on the different facets of doing seva that inspired the audience by sharing several memorable experiences. The post lunch session began with a quiz and a group activity to reinforce in the Alumni lessons learnt as Bal Vikas Students. A team activity involving physical exertion with a profound lesson on importance of collaboration and coordination was also organised.

Towards the close of the day, a talk by an Alumnus of both Balvikas and Bhagawan’s University was organised, who took the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride by sharing his journey from that of a less privileged child to the heights he reached today with His Divine grace. The final session for the day comprised a talk by Convener of Kodaikanal Samithi. It was his tale of transformation that held the whole audience in rapt attention who was amazed at how Swami draws the chosen ones into His fold and all along makes them more deserving.  The day culminated with offering of Aarti to Bhagawan.

The events of the next day began with Omkar, Suprabhatham and Nagar Sankeerthan. Considering the paramount challenges faced by parents in upbringing children, a ‘Value Parenting’ session based on Swami’s messages and using videos portraying parent-child relationship was held with discussions on the possible takeaways from the videos.


The state Educational Coordinator, Tamil Nadu took over the dais and appreciated the youth for coming up with such an event. She insisted that every Balvikas Alumni should in some capacity contribute to the Balvikas movement. She also highlighted the various avenues available for one to contribute. She dwelled upon how Swami feels indebted to any little thing we do to Him. As per her suggestions, the youth took an oath to take up personal sadhana and participate with involvement in the organisation for self-transformation.


The custodian, of the Sai Sruthi property, spoke and extended his hearty welcome to Sai Sruthi at anytime and they are eager to receive them. The District President – Tanjore and Thiruvarur, proposed the vote of thanks. Maha Mangala Aarti was performed to Bhagawan with overwhelming gratitude.

The participants of the retreat were given the privilege of visiting the Jhoola room of Bhagawan and offer their pranams.

Everybody present at the retreat felt that their visit to Sai Sruthi was a true homecoming experience. From the cozy accommodation that was provided to the sumptuous food that was served at regular intervals, and the love with which the team at Sai Sruthi went about the whole thing was exemplary for us to be inspired.

~~Jai Sairam ~~

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